Student Visa

  • Assisting admissions in foreign colleges and universities
  • Finding relevant courses for study
  • Guiding for English language training
  • Counseling student about advantages of studying in particular country
  • Helping student in opening foreign bank accounts as per student visa requirements
  • Assisting students in arranging accommodation during study in foreign colleges
  • Guiding in Student visa application preparation and Submission
  • Visa Interview training
  • Assisting in pre departure Preparations
  • Coordinating admission process on behalf of students etc.

Skilled Workers Immigration

  • Assessing eligibility towards Skilled worker Immigration criteria
  • Guiding documentation preparation
  • Assisting visa applications
  • Guiding Language Training Courses
  • Helping funds representation
  • Describing occupational demands of foreign countries
  • Helping profile preparation, etc.

Business Immigration

  • Assessing eligibility of Businessmen
  • Helping Documents preparation and visa application
  • Guiding financial Statements preparations
  • Assisting Business strategy and proposal
  • Helping in understanding financial legal aspects
  • Preparing Business plans
  • Guiding in participation and acquisition of foreign Businesses
  • Helping in understanding funds requirements
  • Guiding rules about accompanying family members and dependents, etc.

Family Immigration

  • Guiding for Short Term (Visitor) and Long Term Immigration of dependents and family members of the applicant
  • Guiding Eligibility Assessments
  • Helping in documentation, etc.

Other Services

  • Foreign Short Term Accommodation Arrangements
  • Currency Conversion
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Airport Pickup
  • Documents Attestation
  • Medical Guidance etc