Why Study in Australia

  • Courses are recognized internationally, Graduates from Australia are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide
  • A dynamic, vibrant country and its people are energetic, friendly and confident. Multicultural Australia is a safe, friendly & sophisticated country.
  • Education standards are higher and the academic environment is stimulating and offers an education experience that makes a real difference.
  • Most courses and training undertaken by international students in Australia are covered by Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). It is a system of learning which is authorised by the Australian government
  • Living costs and tuition fees are comparatively lower than most other countries
  • Allowed to work 20 hours per week. to earn money, gain useful work experience in a foreign country and meet a variety of new people
  • High Visa success rate.
  • Preference given for migration

Education System

The Australian education system is divided into the University, Vocational and English language sectors.

University is the highest level of study in Australia. Students can study at the undergraduate level (Bachelors degree) or postgraduate level (Graduate Certificate, diploma, Masters, PhD).

Vocational institutions are closely linked with industry, making courses very practical and skill-based. Vocational Courses are provided at both the government funded and Further Education (TAFE) institutes and at private institutions. Many courses provide advanced standing into university degrees.

English language courses are undertaken for study, travel, immigration or business purposes. There are around 100 private English language centers in Australia. Some universities and TAFE institutes also offer English language courses